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Wheels Driving School can offer you an extra qualification along with your driving license that can only be matched by less than 2% of other schools around the country. We can offer a BTEC in Safe Driving.

What is a BTEC in Safe Driving?

It is a driving qualification that came out in April 2011 that can be included on your CV to help you improve your job prospects, in other words stand out from the rest. It is all done in the car (no classroom necessary).

It can help reduce car insurance.

You can gain UCAS points with this qualification to help with university entry.

What does it involve?

You learn it along side you’re driving lessons, so while you are learning the skills on driving you will be learning the standards required for the BTEC.

Will it take longer for me to pass my test?

No it wont, you will take the same time as body else except you will be getting an
extra qualification (you will be a better and a safer driver for it).

Is their an extra test for the BTEC?

No, the only extra part for the BTEC is 2/3 hours on a motorway which will be very
beneficial to a new driver anyway.

How much does it cost?

It is FREE with Wheels Driving School*, contact us today for more info!

For more information, visit my official Any Driver profile and be sure to click the "BTEC Award" link at the top.


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